Doug Opel



for chamber orchestra

Written: 2005
Duration: 11:00
Instrumentation: chamber orchestra
Commissioned By: the Fort Wayne alumnae of Sigma Alpha Iota for the Fort Wayne Philharmonic

Program Notes

I quickly grew to appreciate the atmosphere and character of Fort Wayne after moving there in late 1999. So when Anna Ross approached me in the summer of 2004 about writing a piece for the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, I felt it was only appropriate that I try to capture some of what I like best about/encounter most in Fort Wayne for the piece that ultimately became Drive! I conjured several images and derived from them the following observations (some with tongue-in-cheek!):

1. Fort Wayne has many nicknames, but the most widely recognized seems to be City of Churches.

2. In Fort Wayne, virtually any public celebration is inevitably deemed special enough to require fireworks.

3. Like most towns in Indiana and throughout the Midwest, Fort Wayne has grown geographically outward more than upward. Consequently, owning a car is not only a must, but a passion for most Fort Wayne citizens . . . a love for actually driving however, is optional.

My eternal gratitude to Anna Ross, the Fort Wayne alumnae of Sigma Alpha Iota, Bradley Thachuk, Deb Welter and the musicians of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic for making this opportunity possible.