Doug Opel


playtime with elvis & krispy

for marimba and piano

Written: 2014
Duration: 6:00
Instrumentation: marimba and piano
Commissioned By: Ricochet Duo

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Program Notes

Playtime with Elvis & Krispy refers to Ricochet Duo pianist Rose Chancler’s dog, Elvis and “Woodswoman” Anne LaBastille’s dog, Krispy Kreme, who, like their humans, struck up a lasting friendship. Bringing back fond memories of walks in the woods with my father and our dog, Hershe (pronounced Her-She), as well as visits to my uncle’s lake cabin in the Adirondacks, this particular corner of Rose’s account of Anne became significant in helping me formulate my contribution to the “Woodswoman Project.”

The work is in one movement comprised of three sections, each with the imagery of dogs at play: Who s’Alpha? in which piano and marimba play at establishing dominance; Sniffin’ Breezes, largely a piano solo joined late by the marimba which depicts the simple canine pleasure of lying face to the sun, eyes squinted, smelling the wind and; Squirrel Spotting, a self evident joint venture in the sudden detection and subsequent chasing of a squirrel.

Playtime with Elvis & Krispy was composed for and premiered by Ricochet Duo, August 17th, 2014 at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts, Lake Placid, New York.